• Created Revelio, a tool to assist developers with documenting their Web APIs
  • Created Pumlhorse, which allows team members to easily create integration tests and DevOps scripts
  • Continuing to enhance the products according to user feedback and product strategy

DuPont Pioneer

  • Developed Angular website for North American seed sales
  • Worked on a high visibility product with a large development team and user base


  • Delivered ASP.NET Web API services to serve projects for multiple teams
  • Developed core libraries to better assist development and code management
  • Proselytized robust architecture designs and Test Driven Development throughout the company

ITA Group, Inc

  • Maintained employee recognition and incentive websites for a variety of high visibility clients
  • Worked with both legacy ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC sites
  • Provided development support for issues on production sites in a Scrumban setting

DuPont Pioneer

  • Developed internal harvest management WPF client to track seed inventory
  • Redesigned old code to fit a Domain Driven Design architecture
  • Utilized TDD to foster a lean and robust codebase

Kroll Ontrack

  • Developed a multi-tier web portal for Legal Technologies projects in a Scrum environment, touching all tiers from database to JavaScript
  • Established myself as the web UI expert of the team, including ASP.NET MVC, SVG graphics, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Built and support a self-service Electronic Discovery WPF client
  • Volunteered as a Tier 2 support contact

Open Systems International

  • Handled electric utility sector applications
  • Created and maintained real-time server applications and GUI clients
  • Performed in all stages of the software life cycle, maintaining established products, enhancing newer products, and developing greenfield applications