I founded Revelio with the intention of providing powerful tools to help developers solve problems I’ve run into myself. As I look back, most of the project ideas I’ve had throughout my career have had developers as the target audience.

Revelio API Documentation

An API documentation tool aimed at reducing the manual effort needed for keeping Web API documentation up to date. It initially started as a tool for .NET Web API sites, but has expanded to support Open API and apiDoc specifications. It supports any number of teams and projects.

Revelio Pumlhorse

Highly-readable scripting tool for quickly generating integration tests, DevOps scripts, or just JavaScript scratchpads. Out-of-the-box HTTP request support, with support for custom modules.


A Visual Studio Code extension for editing Markdown files. Provides keyboard shortcuts, like adding or removing bold/italic text, similar to what you’d expect with an editor like Microsoft Word. More info


My Github profile has links to most of the smaller projects I’ve done.